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How To Select The Best Monitoring System For Your Cannabis Greenhouses

Maintaining an environment that supports farming and keeps plants healthy isn’t a simple endeavor.

In cannabis growing, you will find a number of factors that greenhouse supervisors and employees must monitor to make sure that their crops are in a wholesome environment that fosters development and growth. To know more about cannabis greenhouse automation systems visit

Temperature, humidity, light, and CO2 levels are some of the states which have to be tailored to every cannabis greenhouse performance. But it can be tough to continuously monitor the status of your gear along with the greenhouse environment, particularly after hours or through the off-season.


Temperature plays a vital function in almost any cannabis grow performance. Placing the wrong temperature will significantly affect the possible return of this plant and the pace at which it grows.

Humidity Levels

Humidity directly impacts plant photosynthesis, so controlling humidity is essential in greenhouse growth. The perfect relative humidity (RH) to get cannabis expansion is approximately 60%.

A minimal humidity level can lead to water to evaporate too fast for photosynthesis, even though a humidity level that’s too high may lead to poor growth and potential mold and fungal infection.


Your cannabis could be receiving plenty of natural lighting throughout the summertime, but keeping adequate sunlight during the winter months may be challenging.

As a remedy for this, many greenhouse supervisors equip their facilities together with added lighting to supplement natural lighting during off-seasons or even off-hours.

Selecting the most appropriate greenhouse observation system and detectors could mean the difference between death and life for your cannabis plants. Knowing the conditions that you want to see and tracking systems’ abilities are that the perfect way to safeguard your investment.